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Gakkin tattoo noko

Originally from Japan, but currently based in Amsterdam, Noko has been tattooing since she was six years old — starting after her dad, world-renowned Japanese tattoo artist Gakkin, gave her a silicon piece of skin to practice drawing on.

The 12-year-old Pursuing Her Passion as a Tattoo Artist

They said that to start tattooing from a young age is unusual, so I thought it was very interesting. That's why I started. Her unique pieces often reference nature, much like her father's. She cites the birds drawn by s ornithologist and painter John James Audubon as an inspiration.

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Her first ever official piece, however, was on her father — a portrait of their pet, a Java sparrow called Komajirowhich Gakkin still considers to be his favourite piece, out of the many designs he has had done by his daughter. Especially since drawing and tattooing are totally different things. I'm very proud of her. We want to do our best to support her. It's normal as parents, we think.

Noko Nishigaki, Japan’s 10 year-old artist

She is only 10 years old — we want her to see many things. We want to give her any chance. We are looking forward to seeing how she grows. I don't want to spend my life trying to change the public image of tattoos. I just want to work on people who love my works. So whatever! The father-daughter team often work together, and Noko mentions working alongside her dad at the London Tattoo Convention as an artist as a future dream, but quickly adds that she needs to practice a little more before that can become a reality.

But when I can make a good line I am very happy! I ask for her advice on getting started as a tattoo artist. It's the fastest way to learn to tattoo. I am very lucky because my father is a good teacher and he has everything that I can use. But mostly, it's tattooing. Dazed media sites.

Noko: The 10-Year-Old Tattoo Prodigy and Daughter of Gakkin

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Noko is currently based in Amsterdam where her family resides. Having moved from Osaka inshe has been tattooing since she was six years old. She has found her passion of tattooing after her dad, world-renowned Japanese tattoo artist Gakkin, gave her a silicon piece of skin to practice drawing on. Her genre-defying work often combines cutesy subjects, such as cats with flowering tails and heart-shaped penguins, with bold lines and color-blocking.

She cites the birds drawn by s ornithologist and painter John James Audubon as an inspiration. With over 54, followers on Instagram, she has clients from across Europe, and was fully booked at her first tattoo convention in Singapore. Error: No connected account. Please go to the Instagram Feed settings page to connect an account. View this post on Instagram. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Pinterest 0 Email.

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gakkin tattoo noko

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My Tweets.Noko has developed her skills over the past three years, and she is now responsible for designing, practicing and executing her own ideas, often choosing to draw delicate birds and dream-catchers. Noko seeks her inspiration from John James Audubon book of bird painting masterpieces that was printed in the early s. An Aussie comedian has uncovered one of the biggest scandals to hit the fast food community in years.

gakkin tattoo noko

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Caters 20 Octoberam. Latest stories. Yahoo News Australia.Noko is a 10 year-old, second generation tattooer from Japan, who now lives in Amsterdam tattooing with her dad, Gakkin. I am learning Tattoo from my father Gakkin. I like drawing, dancing, gaming, stuffed animals, and cats, birds, seafood! My earliest travel memory is Brighton in UK. My mom says when I was 4 or 5? I only remember that we went to kew garden and took a picture with very very big mushrooms.

Would you say travelling has played a part of your growth as an artist and tattooer? Maybe many people will think that my parents is strange, she is doing not good things. Why do you think travelling and tattooing go so well together?

And do you feel travelling has made an impact on your art? I feel what were they doing when they were 10?? I can ask anything very easily. This content was created pre-coronavirus. No social distancing measures were disrupted in making of this series. Guides Features Info Shop. Can you introduce yourself? When did you start tattooing and what made you want to become a tattooer?

I started tattooing when I was 8. Because my father is tattoo artist. It looked fun for me. What does being a second generation tattoo artist mean to you? Stay locked for more next week. View all features.Born in Japan and living in The Netherlands with her parents for the last three years, Noko10 years old will be 11 this December. She loves dancing, playing Roblox and making slime with her friends.

We met her at the London Tattoo Conventionwhere she quietly drew in a sketchbook while her esteemed-tattooist-father Gakkin inked a client in the background. Noko has watched her father use a tattoo machine since she was a toddler and that has sparked her curiosity to experiment his craft. Noko started her tattoo apprenticeship at approximately 6 years old and got more serious about it at 8—she inked oranges, silicone objects, and then moved on to people.

I am very lucky because we have many school holidays here in The Netherlands, so I travel during my school holidays.

gakkin tattoo noko

But sometimes I have to be absent from school for a tattoo convention. If that is the case, my teacher gives me a letter [summary] of what the class did last time. So I can follow them, [keep up with school]. In those travels I saw many beautiful things and also sad things. When I went to Istanbul, I saw many children who are sitting on the street or selling something. I asked my mom [about it], and I was surprised and sad about it.

Actually, I started tattooing properly when I was 8 years old. I have been watching my dad work for a long time. So I wanted to try it someday. And no one is practicing tattoo at my age around here. I first started practicing on an orange, it was fun but it was difficult to hold an orange. So I started to practice on silicone [objects]. It was better and much fun! I practiced once or twice a week with it. It was totally different from silicone skin. As blood came out. I was scared! But when I finished tattooing, I was very happy.

My dad is strict with how to use needles, tattoo machines and disinfecting [sterilization]. But other than that, he is very kind to me.

My mom is more scary! She is drawing or gaming with bad posture, etc. So I warn her every day about the same things. But she forgets easily.

9-Year-Old Girl Has Been a Tattoo Artist for 3 Years (+ Video!)

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gakkin tattoo noko

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