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Negro matapacos poster

A black Chilean dog wearing a red bandana made his mark during the New York City subway protests beginning in November The protests were ignited by videos documenting police assaults on black and brown youth in the subways. For example, in one, an officer punches a year-old unarmed African American teenager in the face. La rabia ha llegado a Nueva York. They also surfaced in social media illustrations announcing his arrival in New York City.

His name is Negro Matapacos.

negro matapacos poster

The dog attained celebrity status for uniting with the protesters during the uprising in Chile for education reform, facing the police alongside the students. In my view, as someone who takes animal agency seriously, he joined the front lines voluntarily to defend the protesters against the police. Negro Matapacos first became famous for protecting students from police brutality in Santiago, Chile in Along with a population of free-roaming dogs, he developed friendships with the students.

Ina resident of the university district, Maria Campos, invited Negro Matapacos into her home. He thrived under her care, but was determined to remain independent. Inthe students organized marches demanding free, quality public education. Riot police used tear gas and water cannons against them. Campos reported that on protest mornings, Matapacos waited desperately to be let out.

She said a prayer, traced a cross on his forehead and kissed him on the snout before opening the door. He then raced in the direction of the demonstrations. Negro Matapacos never killed anyone, but snarled, lunged and barked when the police threatened and assaulted the protesters.

Negro Matapacos died of natural causes insurrounded by caregivers. However, he continues to represent indignation against oppression. In Octobermassive protests erupted in Chile, sparked by a 4 percent subway fare increase. The demonstrators want socioeconomic equality and free education and health care. EVADE negrito mata pacos. These far-flung images of Negro Matapacos reflect the universality of his social justice message. In a documentary about himsociologist Jaime Rodriguez observed that the Chilean demonstrations beginning in responded to the absence of a social safety net.

He speaks to the shared vulnerability of free-roaming dogs and students to institutional violence. They unite themselves with us because they need our love and affection. This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. Your email address will not be published.

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Join us for monthly updates! A man holds a sign with an image of Negro Matapacos, in Santiago, Chile. View this post on Instagram. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Your browser does not support the audio tag. There are many stories that have been born as a result of the protests that have already taken several weeks throughout the country, from the photo of the president eating peacefully in a pizzeria while Santiago burned, until the second decapitation of the conqueror Pedro de Valdivia.

However, no story like that of the petition via social networks and the Change.

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The dog is attributed a special and super developed social sensitivity, because he never attacked a student, he always led the student marches and was the first to appear in the concentrations, he never required citations or social networks to find out how, when and where the protests took place. Matapaco was always the first to arrive and the most willing to protest. The truth is that El Negro Matapacos growled fiercely when he saw that a Paco o Police faced a student.

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His teeth stood out menacingly and his fine jet black fur bristled and pointed to the sky in demonstration of greatness and ferocity. But the monument is not intended to be erected anywhere in Santiago. The petition in just two hours had more than 2, signatories who agree that a legend be paid to a legend that is no longer among us to accompany the songs, complaints, demonstrations and choirs that implore a substantial change in government policies that drive social changes that satisfy citizens.

Surely from there, between the clouds, every time a 'paco' fires a rubber bullet, a water cannon or uses force against his marching companions, the teeth of the Matapacos grind in the immensity.

Negro Matapacos Poster

There are even those who say that when it rains and there is protest, it is the barking of the Black that is heard when the rays fall trying to intimidate the Pacos.

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Negro Matapacos Poster

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Tags: reasonablemunki, reasonable monkeys, robin hood, vibes, ancom, hearts, anarcho communism, anarchist, communism, eat the rich, socialism, red roses, negro matapacos, fight the power, power to the people, comrades, fight the rich, politics, punk, rebel, revolution, red, hammer and sickle, proletarians, solidarity.

Tags: reasonablemunki, reasonable monkeys, robin hood, vibes, ancom, hearts, anarcho communism, anarchist, communism, eat the rich, socialism, red roses, negro matapacos, fight the power, power to the people, comrades, class war, class wars, working class, poverty, politics, ftp, black lives matter, native rigths, pink, blue, green, yellow.This courageous dog has been unofficially canonized as the protector of peaceful protestors who are assaulted by the police or military of unjust, corrupt governments.

El Negro Matapacos Blackie, the Cop Killer fearlessly flung himself between unarmed protesters and the cops and soldiers who were assaulting them on many different occasions. He is a legend in Chile, widely celebrated. It should, of course, be… other human beings.

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Yet, we still have much growing to do. Apparently, there is a rich tradition of dogs who protect protesters. These gallant beasts stand beside those persons who rally themselves against oppressive, dictatorial regimes.

Dogs love their people and will defend their own, down to the last, bitter breath of air in their blessed, little lungs. They somehow intuitively recognize the plight of their oppressed friends and instead of running, they fight alongside the downtrodden, as valiant combatants, true and worthy soldiers, noble and full of honor.

The police could learn a thing or two from our furry, four-legged brethren. The students of Chile, most prominently duringwere angry about the nepotism of the educational system in their country. They took to the streets to protest and rather than allow them to do so, the police sought to suppress this as some sort of violent uprising. The powers that be saw it as an embarrassment and wanted it squashed quickly. Instead, they only dropped a catalyst into the already explosive mixture, igniting the students to then band together with even more resolve, because now, it was even worse.

Now, they were fighting against violence, as well as greed. They united the protesters and it turned into a globally covered spectacle. That was certainly a preexisting thing here.

George Floyd was merely the last straw. How much more, then? How much more do we Americans need our own furry hero, our own underdog to give us a sense of unity and hope? This post is a little long but I ask you stay in it to the end. It will at very least help you stop feeling powerless and give you something to do, from behind the front lines.

Riot dog Loukanikos in action during 2011 Athens protests - Truthloader

The police have been militarizing for decades, under the guise that police are too often murdered in the line of duty and so they need to be more heavily armed. In alone, a total of officers have been listed as killed in the line of duty. Does that happen?

Of course; far too much.

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Because even one is too much. But guess what?

Riot Dog of Chile: Negro Matapacos Poster

It does not matter how the cop feels about the person. Their job as a cop, is to protect them. People who are paid for that are called gangstersnot police. So, yes, the police have their casualties to contend with and that is rough… true. But they signed on for a tough job. They lose some of their own, which is disheartening and sad.

The militarization of the police is just a tactic to gain more control and move closer to a full on police state. Read that as fascism, plain and simple.

negro matapacos poster

Now, juxtaposition this number against the staggering number of shameful acts that have been spreading like wildfire, violence committed by sworn peace officers, against the American people. Rather than accept Yes as an answer, these militant, mafioso street thugs, dressed up as peace keepers, secure the person in handcuffs and then continue to beat them, berate them and kneel on them in ways that cause permanent damage and even death.

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Negro Matapacos was a Chilean dog that acquired notoriety due to his participation in the street protests that took place in Santiago, Chile during the s. During the Chilean protests, the image of Negro Matapacos acquired notoriety again, and protesters drew inspiration from him during street demonstrations, appearing on various posters, stickers, murals.

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Please try again. Sorry, the model can't be displayed. Negro Matapacos. Triangles: As an example, scores of applicants fight to appear on the likes of Deal Or No Deal and Catchphrase, yet newer shows can struggle to find contestants.

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negro matapacos poster

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Negro Matapacos - Evade Poster

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